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99% of people do not know the knowledge to buy weathering steel plate

Just as not all milk is called Trensu, also, not all weathering steel plate manufacturers can produce the steel plate you want. Zherui Steel has been committed to the steel plate industry for many years and has produced and processed a variety of steel plates. I will give you details today. Explain how to buy qualified weathering steel plates!
With the rapid development of society, people's pursuit of quality of life is getting higher and higher. At the same time, the demand for decoration is also increasing year by year. Therefore, many irregular weather-resistant steel plate manufacturers have the opportunity to take advantage of acid-resistant plates and Salt plates and ship plates are sold as weathering steel plates, but the rust produced by these steel plates is not the effect you want.
Fortunately, these steel plates can barely be called weathering steel plates. Even worse than this, some manufacturers sell ordinary steel plates as weathering steel plates. From the appearance, ordinary steel plates are not different from weathering steel plates, and in a short time If you don't go to the laboratory for testing, you won't find it at all. It's just that after one or two years, the rust produced will fall off like a pancake.

Well, you must know these when buying weathering steel plates. The general weathering steel plate has a plate label and a manufacturer's material book. On the plate label, we can see that the second line has the word Q355NHB, where Q355 indicates its yield strength, and NHB indicates that it is a weathering plate; the third line indicates the steel plate Thickness, width, length. Of course, it is not enough to just look at the two. The important thing is to find a reliable supplier. What is more reliable is to issue a detailed invoice according to the specifications and materials of the board you buy.

Zherui Steel has years of experience in weathering steel plate sales and cutting. If you need, please contact our online customer service, we believe that: with your suggestions and help, we will do better.