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09Cu Weathering Steel Landscape Wall Sculpture

A588 weather-resistant steel landscape wall is not very common in daily life, but it has certainly been seen in some garden landscapes, such as tourist parks, characteristic towns, and homestay signs. Because A588 weather-resistant steel plates have many characteristics, such as corrosion resistance. The life expectancy is longer than the average life of the person. In addition, the rust color of the weathering steel itself is very beautiful and can be used as a decorative color. The industrial style of the coarse ore is full. Little people like it.
This case is the first step in the 09Cu weathering steel wall sculpture. The first step is to design the pattern. There is no pattern in this project, so the pattern does not need to be designed. The next step is to cut the 09Cu weathering plate into the required size. Fix the square tube at On the wall, the 09Cu weathering steel plates are welded one by one, leaving a gap between each weathering steel plate.
The total area of Zhengfengyuan 09Cu weathering steel glazing wall is about 1,300 square meters, and the construction period is 25 days. It is the best railway grade 09Cu weathering steel façade.